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The future of personalized medicine begins with you

ESRG: The Endoscopic Spine Research Group

Endoscopic spine surgery provides symptom relief without the significant downtime associated with traditional surgical approaches. Using our SPINEHealthie smartphone app tracks your recovery after surgery. You'll be back to your busy life in no time. The app provides the ability to communicate with your surgeon on the go and the convenience of not having to go into the doctor's office for follow-up visits.


“The ability to provide post-operative feedback from the doctor was empowering via the application. Having an additional medium to communicate was empowering and directly related to the procedure Dr Hofstetter did."

“my surgeon can see my progress immediately"

"easy communication with the doctor"

"easy to use"

"only takes a couple of minutes to respond to surveys"


University of Washington

Harborview Medical Center

325 Ninth Ave, Box 359766

Seattle, WA 98104

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